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Learn the magic of transforming manure mixed with herbs into the most fertile and organic soil ever known with organic farming-guru Jack McAndrews.  Ever since he discovered a biodynamic composting recipe from Waldorf School- creator Rudolf Steiner decades ago, McAndrews has sharing what he calls "the finest recipe for growing crops in the world,”

“It sounds kind of esoteric, but in the end, you don’t need any other fertilizer or pesticides," he says. "And look what you get! Prince Charles has been promoting biodynamics for the past 50 years. This form of agriculture is ahead of its time.” 

At this workshop you'll get hands-on experience making bio-dynamic compost. and you'll learn about bio-dynamic farming over a home-cooked organic lunch supplemented by your own organic pot-luck contribution.

This workshop organized by THE ARTiZEN SCHOOL will be held at MALIBU ORCHARDS on Decker Canyon Road just 2 miles up from Pacific Coast Highway.

Register  here.   Donations on a sliding scale. Please bring an organic dish to share, as well as a shovel and/or pitch fork if possible.